Ends 20th March 2018

Why do we test hair?

Traditionally intolerance tests are undertaken with blood or urine samples. Hair sample testing is a fast and efficient alternative for indicating possible intolerance matches by using bio-resonance testing equipment.

Hair testing is widely used as a method in the medical and sports profession and the data contained in hair samples also does not deteriorate after being taken.

Why you should take the test…

Our non-invasive bio-resonance testing method gives you the information to make changes that may relieve your symptoms. We test over 600 food and non-food products as triggers.

Take the test for just £60 and get your report in just 7 days.

Your results report will come in the form of a comprehensive report detailing positive matches and levels of sensitivity to probable catalysts.

What next?

The support doesn’t end there. If you have any questions please use our live chat. We’re here to help you on your way towards making positive changes to rid yourself of your problematic symptoms once and for all.